This site is dedicated to the current collection of classic boats whose design is produced by Gary at Bearospace Industries.
Gary’s excellent plans packages contains very comprehensive construction details that will get your boat on the water.
However, as happens in hobbies, some of us have done things somewhat differently in certain areas and this is really what this website is all about.
I’ve built both the Irene schooner and Emma sloop and know very well how ideas I read about later would have saved me a great deal of time as well as adding value plus to my creation.
You will find the site format a simple Blog. This means while it is pretty much about my own doings  it will hopefully  also include the experiences of others as they provide information on some of their innovations.
it will also attempt to explain even further some of the principles behind these boats but only where it is appropriate.
Be assured that it in no way intends to replace the two comprehensive threads on Rc Groups, rather it will compliment them by make searching for that kind of info a lot easier. I categories  to classify prime subjects of interest.,  More on that later. If you aren’t already following the RC Groups threads then go do so. Here are the links.
There is a no login required as a blog is essentially Read Only, but there is a contact form you can use to send in contributions or to query anything on this site.

HINT: Look at the relevant category to find  what you are seeking,  quickly.

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