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This site is dedicated to just those two amazing B.I.Y. (Build It Yourself) sailboats designed by Gary at Bearospace.

I’m operating this site chiefly as a works in progress “blog”since it will contain a great deal of local content. It will also use links to posts on the relevant threads on RC Groups  and ShipShapeRC as there is no point  in the duplication of already published gems of info. By doing this you will find it easy to look into specifics only, like i.e. sailmaking, pelican hooks, adhesives  and so on. As soon as time permits  a members photo gallery as well as a list of relevant YouTube videos will be incorporated..
However it  would be very appreciative to receive contributions in any form from those of you who have already taken on one of Gary’s projects, or maybe both!  see Contact form on the menu bar. Or any other similar level of build.You can also use that form to offer suggestions for improvement on this site.

All we need is a description of how you did anything differently from the established procedure. Write it like you are just telling a mate.

You can find a lot of owner input and experienced info of RC Groups and I  suggest you go there and see what has already been published by those who  have taken on these boats. Suggest also you join up with RCG as it costs nothing and you can retain any degree of privacy.


 Jan 4th 2018