What kind of cordage to use.

As always, Gary gives you a good description and reasons for what he uses. Invariably some of us will not be able to source the exact variety, or may just choose to come up with our own. I guess I fit into the latter.  The cord you use for rigging may also suit the winch sheets.

All my sailboats use fishing Dyneema of any one of a dozen types I have on hand.  I could list what they are but the bottom line is, anything will do if it is close to what is being used by others and, most importantly, it is what you like.

Dyneema com  sin two types, 4 ply  braided and 8 ply woven. The 4 ply is more open in its manufacture and is usually what is available in anything from 10 lbs B.S. (breaking Strain) to 100. Anything over 110lb. is likely to be 8 ply,  and in appearance, very tightly composed of finer strands..  Here’s a good link on eBay that mentions all this.


I’ve always favored 8 ply because it is a smoother finish and therefore  has less friction moving through a boat’s components.

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