Hints on plan printing

Planning on getting your plans printed.

There’s much been said about getting plans printed so I won’t go any further other than to say mine had to be 2% under scale to fit the local printing service machine but I just cut masts and booms etc according to the full scale dimensions.. You wouldn’t notice unless you measured it.

Probably the easiest way to cut out the bulkheads and other hull sections is by cutting out each, with a bit of extra around each and lightly glue it to the ply. I used a gluestik but it proved too good at sticking and was hard to remove. I didn’t try it but very thin flour and water should hold it and be easy to get off by soaking with a wet cloth.  Make sure you clean the ply afterwards thoroughly with a little soap and water. I also used pencil carbon paper to trace the outline. I used a fine point pencil to keep the line thin. Only problem was it leaves an indelible blue line which is a nuisance. Typing carbon would be better perhaps, it leaves a light grey line.

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