Posts and what they do

This site is based on the ever popular web medium called a  “blog” . This is derived from “Weblog” which is a web based diary, of sorts, of the writers personal passion. In this case, Bearospace plywood sailboats.. It lists all posts by the author with the latest at the top of the list, and shows a few lines only, or “excerpt, to give the reader an heads up what is in it. Every post has a category tag which means you can easily look up everything that has been posted about a specific, popular topics. for instance, this particular post is under the category “Site news”. Think of it like a filter in a Search.

While a Blog is normally “read only”, the author doing all the input, contributions received through the contact form or directly via email (need to do this with photos)will be included and the donor flagged.

Posts also allow the display of photos in various ways that make excellent viewing, with on a desktop computer or a hand held device, like a smartphone. The software used here (WordPress) adjust the display for best viewing on small devices.

So, on with the show.   

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